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These are actual comments that students made after completing lessons, reviewing the demonstration for those lessons, and completing their assignments. These are not solicited testimonials. Rather they are spontaneous responses.

Integration: Innovations in Mind/Body Therapies

Licensed Counselor, Vermont

You've done a great job of bringing us up to date with research on the other sectors of the brain- a lot of new info for me. Thanks.

This was fantastic. I will continue to practice this in an auto-suggestive imagery before sleep each night, and we will see how long it takes to heal. Thanks

Psychotherapist, California
MA, PhD, Sex Therapist

I found that the suggestions on inducing analgesia in the jaw to be very powerful and quick. My impression is that learning the Elman techniques is a powerful adjunct to my hypnosis training and when are you going to offer it again?

I can see this working well with IBS patients and anxiety. I am looking forward to utilizing it with my clients.

Medical Doctor, The Netherlands

I enjoy your lessons - looking forward to the next one.

Hypnotherapist, France

When I opened my eyes and started reading I found myself being much more focused. I did not sub-vocalize the words. It was as though the words were just understood and my reading was flowing better. I did not need to re-read any part of the second page. This will be a very good exercise for my ADD clients. Thank you.

Hypnotherapist, Nevada

I loved this trance. The "in between" words helped me let go and drift. I really did experience a healing movement in the gut, an uplift, a joy, a confidence that healing was taking place. The mention of all the natural things in the environment, the wind, water, the leaves, all seemed to penetrate the cells with harmony and balance. I have a client now with IBS, and will try it this week.

Hypnotherapist, California

I, too, loved this exercise. I have listened to it 3 times now. (Again, thank you for the mp3s! So much more is gained when hearing the exercises directly into the brain!) Those times, I let myself experience the imagery, the ebb and tide of your voice, and wished it was longer. It was so easy to *be* there! As I truly love nature and am at one with it, I can always achieve the experience fully having, in reality, experienced a great deal of much of what the world has to offer in the natural world. -- I definitely experienced a feeling of well-being during and after. Of course, your smooth, calm voice is a great addition, Tim. Thank you.

Licensed Counselor, Illinois

It was a very wonderful relaxation. At each suggestion, I felt my body relax more and more. At the suggestion of seeing the birds silently flying and holding their song inside, I really had a great response of joy...like my heart was singing...and I could actually feel a light-heartedness grab hold. I was able to take that totally with me. Thanks!

Hypnotherapist, Registered Massage Therapist, New York

I wish I had this years ago when I had my last surgery. It would have been great. I found it reassuring and relaxing.

Embracing Ambiguity: The Worlds of Ericksonian Hypnosis

Social Worker, California

My coworkers say they are so happy I'm studying hypnosis they want turns because they see the power and all report positive out comes.

Something amusing and delightful. Another woman in the room also went into trance sitting by her computer. She stated she couldn't help herself. She also reported feeling great so here we are two for one I like this Erickson stuff.

Hypnotherapist, New Jersey

I enjoyed this assignment because it showed me not only how to observe my clients cues better but it reflected to me how kinesthetically oriented I am and how empathic I have become to other people's reactions to life. I don't always perceive other people's cues neutrally, but may take them personally, because I am "feeling" their disturbances in my body. That said... When I observed my partner's responses to someone he liked I saw a general relaxation overtake his body, his face softened and he looked comfortable in his skin. When he thought about someone who had annoyed him he got tight between his eyebrows, his breathing shortened and lessened and he seemed "piqued" energetically. It took me three rounds to get to 100% to read him accurately. When I checked my responses to his reactions I felt tightness in my gut with the negative person and was able to breathe easy and relaxed when he thought of the person he liked. Great lesson!

Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Northern Ireland

This was a very rewarding experience for both myself and my subject. She reported an emotional intensity of 8 on a scale of 0-10 when thinking about an aspect of caring for her semi-invalid husband. We did reduction through sub-modalities to indistinct, fuzzy. then two rounds of the statements. She then evaluated her emotional intensity at 2. Her duodenal ulcer pain, which had been bothersome for the past week, disappeared and her abdomen relaxed. The whole procedure took only a very few minutes, it will be interesting to re-evaluate after Christmas and see what intensity remains.

Elman Hypnotherapy: Beyond the Basics

Licensed Counselor, Illinois

I have been using the Lesson 2 compounding script with clients with much anxiety, just as a way of introduction to the process because they are so sure they can't be hypnotized...they have had great success, especially with one phobic client...these techniques have been very helpful.

Psychotherapist, California

I am looking forward to apply this lesson on a client who is in pain.

Glad to have this as part of my hypnosis practice - very effective - I am still working to be more facile with this induction.

Licensed Counselor, Vermont

This worked amazingly well. While it was simple and short, I was astonished that my subject stated it felt more and more numb like he had a shot of Novocain.

I also thank you for this course, and while I had great difficulty getting subjects to practice with, I will use what I have learned whenever I have an opportunity that seems to fit.

Chiropractor, Canada

I really came to appreciate how powerful the mind is and how we can harness it if we can bypass the critical faculty. I knew this as a fact and I really was able to see it in action. Thank you again Tim for teaching this course and giving feedback.

Hypnotherapist, Australia
MEd. B.Ed (hons)

This is superb! It worked a treat. I have used Elman before but this script is nice and concise - I have been padding it out too much in the past and this works well - thank you!

How splendid! I used this with a recalcitrant child only two hours after viewing the lesson! Worked wonders - and made sure i used refractionation at its best... already used the scripted version of assignment with 2 afternoon clients - they enjoyed the slightly different approach but one found the fingers...eye closing threatening so had to begin again when i noticed fear response.

Chiropractic Suggestions: Using Healing Words to Enhance Patient Care and Practice Success

Chiropractor, Illinois

I read this session to a patient who loved it and took a copy with her to read to herself every night. I suggested she record it and listen to it which she said she would. She said she had never understood what a conductor did and that she felt this creative visualization would be an important healing tool for her. Thanks.

Chiropractor, Arkansas

Well, today I entered the adjusting room with the set intention of inducing relaxation with my words and voice and touch. While I did not ask for feedback, my felt sense was that the approach was effective...I know I certainly felt relaxed!

I have begun to more consciously change my patient talk to relaxation induction talk, without making an obvious deal of it. I feel good that I'm finally bringing that kind of consciousness to my practice, instead of the usual "friendly" chatter.

Chiropractor (Professor), Missouri

Worked very well with first client.

Chiropractor, New York

I will definitely suggest to all my patients that the adjustment will increase the healing ability of the body and your pain will become less and less until it fades away, you have more energy, you can do more of those activities that you love to do, you are becoming healthier and healthier. I will choose a patient to do the specific technique within the next week.

Chiropractor, Oregon

The idea of rapport is great. I teach at a community college here and in my physical diagnosis class, I spoke about rapport and developing it and deepening the relationship with the patient as part of taking a great history. I have been more aware of this process lately as a result of this lesson, thank you!

Hypnotherapist, New Jersey
I am eager to share what I am learning for the purpose of coaching my chiropractor. This is a wonderfully presented course. Thank you.

I used the “I have a problem technique” on ridding myself of a headache tonight, and it worked! It is as quick as EFT. I shall use it on a client on Monday. Thank you.

Chiropractor, Canada

Thank you for the class, Tim. It opened my eyes to some new concepts.

Exploring the Hypnotic Brain

Hypnotherapist, Ohio

I believe that hypnotic suggestion was well timed and efficient. Amazing actually. I want to use it for my clients and family.

Hypnotherapist, Singapore

I found this exercise easy to follow and when I listened to your demo I felt totally relaxed so much so that even though I did get interrupted I was able to stop the recording and on restart went straight back to where I left off without any problem. I also like the fact that your attention is drawn to the different activities that your brain has undertaken whilst still being totally relaxed.

Hypnotherapist, Great Britain

I found this to be a good experiment and a technique I use regularly with my clients. My client found this to be a lovely experience, he found the screen best placed directly in front of him and slightly elevated above eye level. He enjoyed setting a trigger word to the feelings he experienced and stated he felt calmness and order when repeating his trigger word to himself after the experience as he felt he could see what steps he needed to take to achieve his goal.

The Neurology of Suggestion

Licensed Counselor, Illinois

Thanks for this course. It was full of great information.

Coach, Arizona

I want to say that I found the information in this lesson very clear and useful for the work that I am doing training teachers in empathy and compassionate communication, which they can then translate into their classrooms to create safety and trust so that learning can take place.

This lesson had great information! I will use it to educate clients to gain "buy-in" to the process and at the same time, to plant seed suggestions of what can and will occur as they learn to work with their brain energy through hypnosis and meditation. It will be good to explain about the brain only managing 12% of the blood supply, the need to balance it, the deficit of use of various parts and functions of the brain when other parts are over used (OCD client). Also, I now know the importance of, and WHY it was so effective when I had intuitively incorporated imagery from all the senses in visualizations...I was tapping into the various brain sectors. For my client, she described herself afterwards, as having a "sense of well being" and feeling "calmer inside".

I used this all with a person who is very analytical and ruminates. He was able to shift his perspective with these scientific facts and helped him open to the idea of using hypnotherapy, which had been too "New Age" previously!

Hypnotherapist, Ireland

I went down very quickly! I was amazed at how I could feel the numbers leaving from the left side of my forehead (is this significant:)!)and then different sensations in the various parts of my brain. It was amazing. I am going to this tomorrow on my clients so they can demonstrate the different "firing off" of the suggestions. I came to full awareness refreshed and invigorated. Wow!

I am feeling very happy, motivated and relaxed - my words. Felt more a sense of wellbeing to and from others I encountered. Tomorrow is a test as I am dealing with someone (not a client) who I have to work at to maintain calmness so I will report back on how I got on.

Healing the Body

Hypnotherapist, Ontario

I felt layers of stress & tension dissolve from my physical body - even in areas where I was not even aware of any stress or tension prior to the exercise. My mind became calm, alert and really engaged in the process.

The information in this lesson was great - it really supports a lot of what I have studied in CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release.

This was an excellent lesson and journey into pain management and somatic release. When I listened to the script I was aware of a strengthening in my lower back as well as a release in my neck and shoulders (pain centres for me). Working with my client was lovely - she felt so empowered and revitalized by tending to her own 'inner garden' that she felt an ease in her pain and trauma that she reported she had not experienced before.

Excellent information - using different languaging for protocols and processes that I currently do with clients.

I personally found the script to be very nurturing and empowering - the simplicity added to the power. It felt as though my client drifted into their own healing space deeper and faster than I may have noted if I had not been in the space that I was wanting to introduce them into.

Hypnotherapist, Pennslyvania

This script impresses me as a good solid foundational start to creating a positive mind-body connection for a client.

I appreciated the insights of this lesson---i.e. the info on the cognitive versus limbic orientation and a better understanding of the parasympathetic system.

I am appreciative of the progressive depth of the information as I go from lesson to lesson.

This and the previous lesson have helped to organize my thoughts and techniques with dealing with clients with physical complaints, by clarifying the best sequencing of the techniques which work with these problems. The demonstration is very similar to the type of guided imagery which I often use with my clients with health challenges, although I generally go through a more elaborate initial relaxation process and spend more time getting the client into his "relaxing place."

Hypnotherapist/Reiki Master, New York

Good description of hypnotherapy process and rationale for various common maladies.

Hypnotherapist, Virginia

An excellent induction, guided imagery, and one of the best I have heard.

Enhancing Performance: Unleashing your True Human Potential

Sales Coach, Ireland

I can report on being more relaxed than I have allowed myself to be in a long time. I got a real sense of how the different individual patterns were weaved to deliver a complete experience.

I found myself better able to remember that content 24 hours later when compared with my usual experience of attempting to recall what I had read. A very very interesting and practical example. This is the first exercise where I really found myself loosing all track of my current context and space and entering into a state of powerful capability. There was and still remains a strong sense of resourcefulness.

Lifestyle Coach, Australia

This was a great demonstration of the physical effects of a mental stimulus and the benefits it had on stress release.

Doing this course has reinforced my passion for visualising and continuing to make it a staple part of my daily ritual. Thanks

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, North Carolina

There was a curious sense of wholeness, and connection to a cellular world/wisdom that I've never experienced before.

Interesting and powerful to link mastery of the ability to change the car to the mastery of a desired ability. I like it.

I havent golfed in fifteen years, but after the script, I feel I could go out there and do well again!...

Great exercise. I particularly like the focus on the permission to have abundance to be successful element. thank you.

Masterly done! Very good script and effective I think for our sustaining the good lessons in this course. thanks

Life Coach, Idaho

The assignment reaffirmed how mastery is achieved by closely following steps of a proven master. The lesson's demonstration is a good technique to use with my ADHD clients, and I will use it myself since I often catch myself reading words rather than content.

This was a great exercise, and learning experience. I like how the demonstrations and assignments build on one another as the course unfolds. My brain increases its ability to extend personal space, and now time, each week. Naturally, action is required to develop necessary traits, but reprogramming the mind by mastering mental abilities is doable.

I like the way the demonstration tied everything together. During the relaxation, images from the course content flashed before my eyes. This was enjoyable, but completely unexpected. I can't recall specific suggestions during the demonstration, but I feel they are deeply implanted since my mind keeps entertaining thoughts of learning new skills, activities, etc., and sharing with others. I like this.

Hypnotherapist/Reiki Master, New York

Doing this course has reinforced my passion for visualising and continuing to make it a staple part of my daily ritual. Thanks.

Psychotherapist, Great Britain

I did the excercise and discovered that it helped me feel more "in the now" and not only could I absorb more of the content, my ability to retain the information seemed to increase. Furthermore, I felt an enhanced feeling of enjoyment of the reading experience which I thought was a nice by-product. Certainly an excercise I will now use on a regular basis.

A great "multi-dimentional" guided visualization excercise. Again, it allows the participant to become "cocooned" from external distraction. Certainly an excercise developing context as opposed to content. Simple shapes allows participants to add colour and form. Very useful and practical.

The content of this course has been excellent and the final demo was the last piece in the jigsaw which fitted perfectly to reveale a stunning end picture! My work is all about enhancing the future perfomance of my clients in all their roles so the lessons learned from this course will prove invaluable - thanks Tim!

Social Worker, North Carolina

Thanks for this course. It has been truly excellent and beneficial both personally and professionally.

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