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Integration: Innovations in Mind/Body Therapies
with Tim Brunson PhD

You may begin this course at anytime and work at your own pace.

Lesson 1: The Mind/Body Connection
  • How to access the power of integration.
  • Learn by listening to the body.
  • How we talk to our organs and cells.
  • Stress: Friend or foe?

Lesson 2: The New Biology
  • Exploring adaptation and the types of adaptation.
  • DNA supremacy versus perception and consciousness.
  • Numosity and the new hypnosis.

Lesson 3: A Brief Look at the Brain
  • The role of the balanced and unbalanced brain.
  • Three brains and three brain states.
  • The wonder of mirror neurons.
  • Exploring neurofeedback and artifacts.

Lesson 4: Transformation Revisited
  • Why is change inevitable?
  • Exploring the Unified Transformation Theory.
  • Adaptation versus Creation.
  • Looking at horizons (limits) up close.
  • Controlling change rather than it controlling you.

Lesson 5: The Immune System: Over or Under Active
  • Autoimmune Disorders and Allergies.
  • Balancing Overreactions.
  • Common Immune Disorders and Mind/Body Treatments.

Lesson 6: Using Imagery to Heal
  • How imagery affects the brain and body.
  • What are the different types of imagery?
  • How to increase the potency of imagery.
  • Imagery for the non-visual patient.

Lesson 7: Unraveling acute and chronic pain
  • Why patients think they can't release pain.
  • Moving from masking discomfort to ridding chronic pain.

Lesson 8: Healing the Body
  • How wounds and organs are affected by the mind.
  • How mind/body methods can assist in cancer treatments.

Lesson 9: Preparing the Mind for Surgery and Recovery
  • Handling morbid thoughts, fears and expectations.
  • What can be done before surgery?
  • Considerations during surgery.
  • Enabling a quicker recovery.

Lesson 10: Digestive Disorders and the Mind
  • Understanding the other “brain” in the gut.
  • How the mind creates and impacts digestive disorders.
  • How to break unhealthy patterns and reestablish balance.

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