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Chiropractic Suggestions: Using Healing Words to Enhance Patient Care and Practice Success
with Tim Brunson PhD

You may begin this course at anytime and work at your own pace.

Lesson 1: Connecting
  • Use words and actions to establish a healing relationship.
  • Learn to speak to their conscious and subconscious mind.
  • Access the healing state within your patient.

Lesson 2: Rapid Suggestions for Responsive Healing
  • Help the patient get out of their own way.
  • Learn rapid techniques to alleviate pain and give healing suggestions.
  • Learn instant techniques to get faster results.

Lesson 3: Finding and Utilizing Patient’s Patterns in the Healing Process
  • Create lasting change through utilization and allowing.
  • Use words to dissociate illness and associate wellness.
  • Learn to use words and actions to get past patient resistance.

Lesson 4: Using Imagery to Heal
  • Learn how imagery affects the brain and body.
  • Enhance the potency of imagery in the healing process.
  • Master the art of brief imagery in a clinical setting.

Lesson 5: Advanced Linguistic Techniques
  • Recognize and use patient’s “sorting styles” to accelerate treatment.
  • Learn to use healing presuppositions to change patient’s limiting beliefs.

Lesson 6: Clinical Applications and Environment
  • Help patients who think that they can’t release pain.
  • Move patients from masking discomfort to ridding chronic pain.

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