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Enhancing Performance: Unleashing your True Human Potential
with Tim Brunson PhD

You may begin this course at anytime and work at your own pace.

Lesson 1: The Power to Transform
  • How resistance to change can be overcome
  • A few simple rules of lasting transformation
  • Realizing the power of suggestion and imagery

Lesson 2: Developing Your Inner Genius
  • Getting bad brain habits out of the way
  • Realizing the brain's amazing ability to change
  • Using the power of your conscious mind

Lesson 3: Your Change Methodology
  • Purposefully improving brain performance
  • Developing a transformation plan
  • Enhancing your ability to change

Lesson 4: Applications I
  • Accelerated learning
  • Sports and athletic performance
  • Habits: Replacing bad with good.

Lesson 5: Applications II
  • Your financial attitude
  • Career and business
  • Developing abundance in your life

Lesson 6: Improving your Performance Genius
  • Short, medium, and long range goals
  • Influencing the performance of others
  • Finding satisfaction in your life

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