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Healing the Mind: Advanced Hypnotic Interventions for Anxieties, Phobias, Impulses, and Habits
with Tim Brunson PhD

You may begin this course at anytime and work at your own pace.

Lesson 1: The Origins of Mental Unhappiness
  • How pattern resistance and adaptation affect mental health and happiness
  • Using balance and inhibition to restructure brain function
  • Finding change potential through plasticity and entrainment

Lesson 2: Using the Mind to Self-Heal
  • Using natural learning capabilities for transformation
  • Finding power in substitution
  • Realizing the potential of imagination

Lesson 3: Creating a System for Transformation
  • Learning the principles of transformation
  • Accomplishing the ubiquitous hypnotherapy requirements
  • Applying the five tools of hypnotherapy

Lesson 4: Applications I
  • Discovering the anatomy of a great session
  • Addictions and habits
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Fears and phobias

Lesson 5: Applications II
  • Personal development
  • Coaching

Lesson 6: Finding Happiness through Harnessing the Mind
  • Empowering through therapy and coaching
  • The role of the healer
  • Lessons from outside therapy-land

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