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Space/Time-based Interventions
with Tim Brunson PhD

You may begin this course at anytime and work at your own pace.

Lesson 1: Understanding the Space/Time Continuum
  • Understand why space and time are so vital to interventions.
  • Review how space/time concepts are integral with traditional psychotherapy and coaching.
  • Grasp a simple explanation of Einstein’s space/time continuum.
  • Learn why a couple of basic quantum physics concepts may be the core to human transformation.

Lesson 2: The Neurology of Space and Time
  • Find out how the brain manages space and time.
  • Discover the wonderful world of bimodal and mirror neurons.
  • Learn how to accelerate learning and mastery.
  • Realize how to activate the brain with space/time visualization techniques.

Lesson 3: Using Space/Time Techniques for Human Transformation
  • Incorporate space/time techniques for self-help or a clinical or coaching practice.
  • Effectively include space/time techniques in a clinical hypnotherapy session.
  • Learn how to incorporate space/time techniques in a personal or business change strategy.

Lesson 4: Applications
  • Discover how to apply space/time techniques to physical health.
  • Learn how to use space/time techniques address anxiety, fears, and phobias.
  • Find out how to employ space/time techniques to improve performance and achieve self-actualization.

Lesson 5: Space/Time Techniques
  • Learn three space/time techniques for healing the body.
  • Learn three space/time techniques for healing the mind.
  • Learn three space/time techniques for enhancing performance.

Lesson 6: Further Implications of Space/Time Techniques
  • Consider how continued scientific exploration may affect the future of space/time interventions.
  • Reflect on the implications of space/time and spirituality.
  • Learn how to incorporate new space/time paradigms into your daily life.

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