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New Directions in Hypnotherapy
with Tim Brunson PhD

You may begin this course at anytime and work at your own pace.

Lesson 1: Peaking Beyond the Horizon
  • Grasp the significant influences on current practices of hypnosis.
  • Learn the role of science on the future of the field
  • Explore current trends.
  • Discover four major influences on the future of hypnotherapy.

Lesson 2: Enduring Lessons of the Past
  • Find out which historical approaches meet scientific criteria.
  • Review the importance of a universally accepted definition of hypnosis.
  • Evaluate the relevance of hypnotherapeutic competency.

Lesson 3: The Implications of Artificial Life and Intelligence
  • Explore objective ideas from AI researchers.
  • Consider how a programming model of the mind affects hypnotherapy.
  • Find out what AI research tells us about human learning and transformation.

Lesson 4: The Future of the Mind
  • Look at how the Internet is permanently changing the human mind/brain.
  • Discover ways that clinicians can shape the Internet Mind.
  • Learn ways that antithetical conditions and perceptions create deliberate change.

Lesson 5: A Reunion of Energy
  • Look at energy from ancient and futuristic perspectives.
  • Find out how we manipulate biophysical energy with our minds.
  • Discover the role of hypnosis is energy manipulation.

Lesson 6: Hypnosis in the Age of Spirituality
  • Consider what quantum enigma tells us about the transpersonal dimension of hypnosis.
  • Learn techniques to affect transpersonal change.
  • Explore the implications of choice and destiny.

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