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Therapeutic Suggestions: Enhancing Healing through Improved Patient Communication
with Tim Brunson PhD

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Activate Patients’ Curative Powers through Effective Communication
The ability to effect physiological changes through human communication is absolutely critical to the success of clinicians in the medical and dental fields. Yet, the science of human communication is too often ignored in the training of healing professionals. What if you could learn how to use your voice, linguistic patterns, and body language to substantially reduce a patient’s experience of acute and chronic pain, enhance wound healing, and even restructure their cellular DNA? How can you drastically alter the toxic environments found in most healing institutions and clinics? This course is based upon over 10,000 studies documented by the United States National Institutes of Health and research conducted by such reputable institutions as the Harvard Medical School, the University of Sydney (Australia), the University of Parma (Italy), and many others.

Suggestion is much more than a factor in everyday social interaction. When properly employed, the impact that we have on others and ourselves can be tremendous. However, when recklessly engaged, the opposite is true. Subjective evaluations, brain-imaging findings, and histological research clearly show that suggestion modulates sensory processing and affects neurological and physiological systems. For instance, activation of the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) during the initiation of suggestion can result in a reaction of the secondary somatosensory cortex, as well as activation in the insula and anterior cortex. In turn, through limbic system responses, this triggers the endocrine system and impacts the functioning of both the innate and adaptive immune systems. So, if you are still thinking that suggestion is merely an “all in your mind” concept, you are both right and wrong.

This course will teach you how to use your communication techniques as an adjunct to your allopathic healing skills. Designed by an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, educator, speaker, and mind/body trainer, this course will present profound, scientifically-based skills which will greatly enhance patient care and results.

Overall Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand how suggestions affect biological and mental processes within your patient
  • Learn verbal and non-verbal skills which improve your effectiveness as a healer
  • Learn to disrupt dysfunctional mind/body patterns and allow the homeostatic process function
  • Learn how to recognize and eliminate mentally (and physically) toxic attributes in your clinical environment
Technology Requirement:
This course includes interactive Abobe Flash videos, downloadable MP3 files, a student forum, and a quiz. Participation requires a desktop computer, a Flash-enabled browser, and an Internet connection sufficient to view video files.

Tim Brunson PhD

Dr. Tim Brunson has over 30 years of training experience, including having taught on the faculty of two universities, serving as the head of a four state transportation school, having provided instructors to 23 universities, and working for the U.S. government as a head of training for eight Southeastern states. Additionally, his training and clinical experience as a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy and as NLP trainer have given him unique insights into communication, training, and the human mind. He facilitates and coaches individuals, organizations, and corporations who are seeking to excel through transformation. Also, he produces clearly superior Master Trainers and Communicators who employ powerful and entertaining techniques designed to achieve unheard of results.

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