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Advanced Script Writing Techniques
with Tim Brunson PhD

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Write and deliver twenty-first century hypnotic scripts,
Whether it is written or done on-the-fly during a live session, the way a hypnotherapist integrates and delivers suggestions and imagery will determine the effectiveness of a session. A written script serves as an aid for the novice practitioner and as a learning tool and example for the expert. Traditional, regressive script writing techniques generally follow a prose format that mistakenly attempts to achieve the therapeutic intent while communicating with the subject using the same style that is more closely associated with their problem and do so very inefficiently. Although this course will retain the best features of both direct and indirect methods, it blends them with several Neurology of Suggestion concepts to include space/time perceptions, and energy manipulation. The goal is to radically change how hypnotherapists design, structure, and deliver scripts. It moves practitioners from their current tradition of regressive prose toward what is more like hypnotic poetry.

Overall Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Design optimum suggestion and imagery collections based upon the presenting issue(s).
  • Effectively structure linguistic phrases in a way that changes neurological functioning and facilitates rapid transformation.
  • Learn how to effectively deliver advanced scripts that are concise, efficient, and potent.
Technology Requirement:
This course includes interactive Abobe Flash videos, downloadable MP3 files, a student forum, and a quiz. Participation requires a desktop computer, a Flash-enabled browser, and an Internet connection sufficient to view video files.

Tim Brunson PhD

Dr. Tim Brunson has over 30 years of training experience, including having taught on the faculty of two universities, serving as the head of a four state transportation school, having provided instructors to 23 universities, and working for the U.S. government as a head of training for eight Southeastern states. Additionally, his training and clinical experience as a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy and as NLP trainer have given him unique insights into communication, training, and the human mind. He facilitates and coaches individuals, organizations, and corporations who are seeking to excel through transformation. Also, he produces clearly superior Master Trainers and Communicators who employ powerful and entertaining techniques designed to achieve unheard of results.

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